Jiri & Friends Organic EO Sage (5ml)

Item No.: EO009
The "sacred" herb sage was once recommended as a panacea for longevity. The oil is a CO2-select extraction of dried leaves. It is a light yellow, very liquid liquid with about 85% essential oil that is rich in thujone, 1,8 cineole and camphor. Smells like the well-known scent of fresh sage, warm, soft, but also spicy and spicy. The botanical name is Salvia officinalis.

country of origin: France

Can be used for: Atmospheric fragrance experience, for the mouth and skin, with perspiration, for lungs / respiratory tract, female hormone system, emotional, cognitive and spiritual well-being. Purification after death.
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Jiri & Friends Organic EO Sage (5ml)

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