Jiri & Friends Organic EO Palo Santo (5ml)

Item No.: EO007

Steam distillation of the fallen twigs of the Palo Santo tree. No unnecessary wood is felled. A clear to pale yellow oil with a woody fragrance with fresh mint undertones.

Usable for: As an atmospheric fragrance, for meditation, for rest, relaxation and concentration.

recommendations for use: Evaporation: a few drops according to preference on an aroma stone or in a diffuser. Usual doses in adults through the skin are 1-3% in a neutral base oil. For elderly and vulnerable persons and children use 50-75% of this.

Country of origin: India

Use for: A pleasant, warm, energetic atmosphere, skin care, lung and respiratory care, for fatigue.

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Jiri & Friends Organic EO Palo Santo (5ml)

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