AlchemiA (formerly Heilig hout) is a wholesaler in natural wellness products such as palo santo, natural incense, essential oil, florida water, oil crystals and much more. Characteristics are: durability, purity, Fair Trade, natural raw materials and most of all fun in life.  Celebrate life!


A large part of our packaging is biodegradable. In addition, only brushwood is used  for the Palo Santo sticks. The wood is locally won with respect for nature and according to the principles of Fair Trade. Only branches that fall from the trees in a natural way are used.  Also,  for every kilogram of wood  a new Palo Santo tree is planted and so we work to maintain the rainforest.


The incense of AlchemiA  is only  made from the best and natural ingredients such as plant extracts and essential oils. We do not use chemical immersion incense such as 90% of the incense in the trade does. Dip-incense sticks  are neutral sticks who are perfumed and dipped in chemicals.


The incense of AlchemiA are manufactured in accordance with the traditional strict standards of the IFRA (International Fragrance Association). Our incense are not manufactured with ingredients that are threatening to plant and animal species. There is no testing on animals.


AlchemiA has a great ethical commitment. We work with our suppliers in developing countries from out a structural collaboration and respect  for a social, ecological and Fair Trade work environment. Also our business makes it possible to fund humanitarian projects, such as the clinic of Doctor Dolkar in New Delhi and the V.G.K.K., a humanitarian organization that supports communities in the South of India.


Our incense are made without the use of synthetic or chemical ingredients/glue substances. The dried herbs that we offer (such as Sage and cedar) are harvested while maintaining the plant. We use only plants that grow in the wild.


Our vision is to join forces on all parts of the world. With the goal of making the people who make the products, the people in the trade chain and the final consumer closer together. We believe in the power of man, nature and the cooperation between all the components of life.

Let's celebrate life!


Napoleonsweg 70
6086 AH Neer (Limburg)
Tel: +31 (0)475-215917
Mail: team@alchemia.nl