Jiri & Friends Organic EO Lemongrass (5ml)

Item No.: EO006
This lemongrass oil is a steam distillation of fresh or dried grass. The color ranges from bright yellow to orange and has a fresh, lemony scent. This oil is organically grown and therefore no fertilizers and chemicals are used during cultivation and during the processing process after harvesting. The botanical name is Cymbopogon flexuosus.

Country of Origin: Guatemala

Can be used for: As a refreshing, uplifting fragrance. With skin issues, with a cold and in stressful situations.


Contains high levels of citral. There is a risk of sensitization with prolonged use. Do not use on irritated skin. Store citral-rich oils in the refrigerator.
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Jiri & Friends Organic EO Lemongrass (5ml)

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