Jiri & Friends Organic EO Eucalyptus (5ml)

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This oil is organically grown and therefore no fertilizers and chemicals are used during cultivation and during the processing process after harvesting. The botanical name is Eucalyptus Globulus. The tree can grow up to 90 meters high. The young trees have oval blue-green leaves and the older trees have narrow yellow-green leaves. The oil is a steam distillation of the fresh or partially dried leaves and young twigs. It is a colorless, thin liquid that turns yellow during ripening and is rich in 1,8 cineole. The scent is fresh resinous, camphor-like with a woody, fierce undertone.

What is this oil used for?

Beneficial in a cold
To breathe more freely
Good for muscles and joints
For emotional and spiritual well-being
air purifying
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Jiri & Friends Organic EO Eucalyptus (5ml)

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