SPRAY AGUA SACRAL (mini 50 ml)

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AGUA SACRAL mini spray 50 ml
now the original Agua Sacral in convenient mini bottle with spray Cap.


It has the same effect as Florida Water, but energetically stronger and more powerful.

See also www.aguasacral.com 

not all Agua Sacral (secret) applications are well known. Known are:

-Energetic cleaning of spaces (as with Florida Water)

-protection against negative forces

-activating high frequencies

-opening portals

-At initiations, a.o. Munay Ki

-connect with your higher self

-creating sacred spaces

-activate magical powers

-to Contact spirits

Note: do not to take. Keep out of reach of children, careful with the skin and eyes.
Flammable, irritant. Careful when open fire.

The color of the Agua Sacral can vary per bottle.

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