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Palo Santo (Holy wood)  you use just like incense. This 100% pure wood has a delicious and sweet smell when it is lit. There is only dead wood used. Palo Santo is used in South American rituals and to remove negative energy, but also just because it smells delicious. This sacred wood from the Andean region is locally won with respect for nature and according to the principles of Fair Trade. Only branches that fall from the trees in a natural way. Then the wood matures 4-10 years before the magical fragrance is released.

Use: insert the Palo Santo and let it burn. Blow then so the wood will glow (such as on a coal). The wood glows a moment, but that is usually sufficient for the tasty smell. This is in contrast to incense that burns continuously. Weight approx 25 grams.


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PALO SANTO STICKS (with quantity discount)

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