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This shell can be used for smudging White Sage or other herbs. Put a little sand in the shell to reduce the potential for damaging the shell. The shell is fragile and only for short time refractory.

Also very decorative to, for example, insert precious stones

PLEASE NOTE: The Saint Jacobsshell may become hot and burst in case of severe overheating. For this reason, burn the Palo Santo/ White Sage for up to just 1 minute. Provide a heat-resistant surface for the Saint Jacobsshell to rest on. Use heat resistant gloves. Never inhale the smoke. Use only in well-ventilated spaces. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Keep away from flammable materials. Avoid contact with clothes. Do not use during pregnancy. May cause allergic reactions. Store dry. Ensure that nothing is burning or smoldering when you leave the room.

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