Well Being Incense Jinkoh

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A delicious and pleasant scent in your home or environment in 5 minutes!

Well being Jinkoh incense has a very special and pleasant smell by the addition of wood from the Jinkoh tree. Gives inner peace and has a relaxing effect.

The fragrances of plants have a subtle stimulating effect on our well being and environment. The Well Being incense is composed according to the principles of aromachology. Aromachologie is the knowledge and the art of mixing the pure plant and flower essences and evaluating the effect of these scents on body and mind.

The well being incense range contains flavonoids - natural green tea extracts - which have the ability to neutralize the molecules responsible for bad odors. In 5 minutes, thanks to the action of one stick, 75% of bad odor molecules disappear. The burning time of 1 stick is approximately 30 minutes.

This incense has 2 functions: neutralizing the odors in your home and then perfuming the space with a soothing scents composition.

Order unit: 1 box with 30 sticks

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Well Being Incense Jinkoh

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