Plant Incense BIO06 Lemongrass, Benzoin

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- order unit: 1 roll with 30 sticks -

This incense is 100% natural and by an innovative formula there is little smoke formation. The burning time is approximately 30 minutes.

The plant incense has a special formula with a very low VOC emissions. Due to plant mixtures with beneficial effects and the manufacture of incense using only natural products, this incense is a 100% ecological, natural and a transparent incense for the consumer. It is the ideal incense for persons who do not like smoke.

Plant incense LEMONGRASS BENZOIN ensures a GOOD MOOD. A combination of the freshness of lemongrass with the bittersweet of Chamomile and the amber smell of benzoin. Contains Roman Chamomile powder, benzoin resin from Laös and essential oil of lemongrass.

This product has the following approvals:

The incense is made from only natural products. Ecological incense does not contain any solvent, no preservatives or synthetic products. The active substances of the plants are optimal present.

All raw materials used (incense, packaging, display) are recyclable and durable. The organic and biodynamic agriculture are promoted by the plants and herbs to harvest with respect for nature. The packaging is completely recyclable.


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Plant Incense BIO06 Lemongrass, Benzoin

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