Japanese Scroll SH4L Autumn Leaves

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order unit: 1 box with 10 rolls of 35 sticks-

Autumn leaves incense consists of a combination of cinnamon, sandalwood, patchouli, benzoin and medicinal plants.

This Japanese incense of the brand Encens du Monde is made according to the ancient traditions of the most prestigious Japanese incense producers. According to the Japanese traditions carefully mixing the different ingredients of incense is as creating a poetic image. It has multiple layers and serves to emerge from the soul of the creator.

In Japan, the use of incense became part of everyday life. It is a way of life called Koh-Do (path of the incense). It is seen as an expression of sensitivity and refinement to perfume your House for example a guest or a special event. A lot of the products are handmade on Awaji Island near Kobe, where the climate is excellent for the production of incense. The burning time is approximately 45 minutes per stick. 

This incense is meant for everyday use.


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Japanese Scroll SH4L Autumn Leaves

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