Karin Japanese Incense Pearl

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elegant, luxury and refined for the lover of Japanese incense!

Experience the sophistication of this exceptional Japanese incense. Each scent from the series Karin is a poetic composition inspired by the Japanese novel ' A tale of Genji '. A novel written in the 10th century when the incense where in his glory at the Japanese Court and the art of smelling did its onset. The burning time of a stick is approximately 30 minutes.

This incense variant is created using a revolutionary technique "micro-encapsulation". Because of this technique the incense is nearly smokeless, but spreads his gentle and delicate scent in the area. Ideal for people who do not like smoke.

Each pack contains 40 sticks and a porcelain mini incense holder, whose design is changes each quarter.

PEARL stands for SOFTNESS. A fresh and delicate fragrance, sparkling like a Pearl waterfall with a purifying effect.


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Karin Japanese Incense Pearl

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