Jiri & Friends Incense XXL White Sage

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15 extra large and thick sticks of 50cm
Ideal in the garden or in large open spaces.

This exclusive incense is 100% natural and without the addition of chemical ingredients or charcoal. 

Only real wild-picked sage is used.
That sounds obvious, but it is not.

Advantages of the white sage incense compared to loose white sage:
- less strong odor
- softer (also energetically)
- easy to use
- reusable (1 stick does not have to be used in one go and can be burned in several times)

Created exclusively for Jiri & Friends.

1 pack contains 15 sticks​

We promise:
- 100% natural
- made of pure wood
- handmade
- no chemicals
- no synthetic aromas 
- no use of charcoal

Note: do not use sage during pregnancy



Here is a description of how you can clean and purify your house with white sage.
Light the white sage and blow out the flame. Let the smoke that is created clean the room. Use a fireproof dish or abalone shell when burning the white sage (incense).

Always work in your house from bottom to top when cleaning with the white sage. Make sure that a window is open so that the "dirty" energy can go outside.

Always be careful when burning white sage and ensure adequate ventilation.

Try cleaning your house about once a month with the white sage or as often as you feel it is necessary.

You can use loose white sage or white sage incense. The advantage of the white sage incense is that the scent is softer and you can easily take out the incense in between.

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Jiri & Friends Incense XXL White Sage

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