Feng Shui Incense Sandalwood (Wood)

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Bring the Chi of your home in harmony with Feng Shui incense.

The literal translation of Feng Shui is "Wind and water". Feng Shui is known for more than three thousand years in China and the rest of Asia as a practical philosophy that studies the harmony of man with his environment.  A harmonious structure and design helps nature to stimulate harmony, health, prosperity and happiness.

Feng Shui incense is designed to contribute to the harmony of your environment from the 5 elements. (wood, fire, earth, metal and water) The burning time of a stick is approximately 30 minutes.

The element WOOD is represented by SANDALWOOD, a woody and relaxing scent. In the living room it promotes vitality, prosperity and strengthens family ties.

The incense is made from only natural products. Feng shui incense does not contain any solvent, no preservatives or synthetic products. The active substances of the plants are optimal present.


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Feng Shui Incense Sandalwood (Wood)

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