FRANKINCENSE INCENSE (Jiri and Friends) Olibanum

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This exclusive incense is 100% natural and without the addition of chemical ingredients or charcoal. 

Jiri & Friends® Frankincense (Olibanum) is pure and 100% natural. Handmade and without any chemicals, additives or synthetic aromas. We don’t use charcoals, which are often used in
many other incense sticks. Just the spicy scent of Frankincense / Olibanum resins. Frankincense is used for already 3000 years in religious ceremonies. INGREDIENTS: Frankincense / oliban resins,
wood bark, bamboo stick.

We promise:
- 100% natural
- made of pure woods
- handmade
- no chemicals
- no synthetic aromas 
- no use of charcoal



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FRANKINCENSE INCENSE (Jiri and Friends) Olibanum

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