Diffuser Lealia

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The diffusers from Jiri & Friends are stylish and have a luxurious finish. The beautiful designs fit into any interior. The diffuser spreads the wonderful scent of the essential oil of your choice in a short time.

The diffuser Lealia is a diffuser with a hip design of beautiful materials such as ceramic and cork. The diffuser is ideal for smaller spaces, such as a bedroom, kitchen or home office.
Use this aroma diffuser in combination with essential oils from Jiri & Friends for a pleasant scent experience at home. The diffuser blows cold steam into the room by means of a small atomization. This is done very quietly and ultimately ensures good and pleasant humidity in the house. When you also add essential oils to the aroma diffuser, the diffuser blows the scent of the oils into the room.
The diffuser has a 60 ml water tank. This may not seem like much, but with continuous use, the diffuser will last about 3 to 4 hours. When the water in the water tank is used up, the auto-stop function ensures that it switches off automatically. The diffuser Lealia contains LED lighting in different colors, but it can also be turned off.

The diffuser is quiet in use, making it also suitable for the bedroom, for example.

Read the instructions in the package before use.
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Diffuser Lealia

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