Resin incense Myrhhe

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Myrrhe resin incense is a resin extract from a native shrub from Arabia. According to tradition, it promotes this anise scented incense the awakening of the female qualities, the admissibility and a greater sensitivity to the reality of the outside world.

Trees have a magical message for us. No wonder that  in many countries and tribes there are many magical and Holy properties awarded  to trees. Rediscover the magic of this original and thousand years old ingredients of incense. Frankincense and Myrrh were 1 of the first tree resins that were burned for their healing properties.

Resin can be burned in a resin burner. You fill the Chamber of the burner with water and put in a number of resin incense grains. Plug the tea light. Once the water comes to temperature you will scent the aroma of the incense.

The incense is made from only natural products. Resin incense does not contain any solvent, no preservatives or synthetic products. The active substances of the plants are optimal present.


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Resin incense Myrhhe

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