Jiri & Friends Greek Sage 30 grams (with graduated prices)

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This in the wild picked sage from the mountains of Greece is traditionally used for purification and smudging of spaces. Unlike the North American variant this sage is much softer. The aroma is fresh and feminine, with a hint of lemon. Due to the slow drying process in the Greek sun, the smell and the strength of this sage is exceptional.

The cleansing ritual with the Greek sage is loving, but very powerful and effective.

This special sage is wild picked in the Greek mountains by the local population and used for the cleaning of areas and at ceremonies. Due to the small leaves, it is best to use a BBQ lighter. Let the smoke that creates cleanse the space.

Put some sage in an abalone shell or fire-proof dish. Light it with a BBQ lighter or long match (we recommend not to use coals). Packaged in a firmly box of 30 grams net.

Don't use sage during prenancy.


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Jiri & Friends Greek Sage 30 grams (with graduated prices)

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