Furthermore a number of products carry the ICEA logo. This label stands for sustainable development involving all raw materials that are used are recyclable and durable. The organic and biodynamic agriculture are promoted by the plants and herbs witch are harvest with respect for nature.

FAIR TRADE, Palo Santo


For the Palo Santo  we directly do business through a sustainable relationship with the local producer in the Andean region. They gather the wood themselves  and ensure that they only use branches that naturally fall from the tree. Besides the wood does not smell if you would hack it. The locals believed that the smell and the spirit of the tree would not come in the wood if you hack it.


Respect for nature (there will no trees cut down or  whole plants removed).

In addition, for every kilogram of wood which is sold 1 new tree will be planted.

Good working conditions and a good wage for the workers.

No impact on the environment.

The producer provides local education to children to respect nature.

Equal treatment between women and men.


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